We’re delighted that you’re interested in our fonts! We’re very proud of the work we’ve created and we love making it available to you and to the wider world. The means by which we do this is through licensing our fonts. In essence, when you license a font, we give you the right to use that font, under certain conditions and in exchange for a fee. Because in strictly legal terms all of this is more complicated, the rest of this License Agreement goes into more detail on the possible arrangements.


When you click to accept the license agreements, you enter an agreement with us, D-E-A-L, about the terms and conditions for using the products or fonts that we, and/or our collaborators, have created. Just in case you somehow got hold of a font of ours without clicking to accept the license agreement on our website, the agreement is also considered to have come into force when you handle our fonts (e.g. downloading, installing, uploading, transferring, processing, using, etc.). By clicking that you agree, or by using our fonts, you agree to the terms of this licensing agreement, you promise to abide by its terms and you understand that all use of our fonts is governed by these agreements.

Please read it through carefully before agreeing: we’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible. If you are uncertain about its application, feel free to contact us.

Guide to our documents

Different uses of fonts, and different types of fonts, merit different licensing terms. This means that the terms and conditions of the licensing of our fonts and other products change according to the relevant use cases, types of fonts, and types of end users.

The guiding principle is that the general rules of the End User License Agreement (EULA) apply. In certain specific cases, derogations can be made from the general rules of the EULA. In those cases, the terms and conditions set out in those specific agreements supplant the general rules of the EULA and take precedence over them in case they conflict. This means it can be to your own benefit to see if any particular licensing terms apply to your situation. Currently, D-E-A-L offers 3 types of licensing that differ from the general EULA:

  • I. Display License
  • II. Trial License
  • III. Student license

Additionally, D-E-A-L offers special conditions to the licensing terms for small and medium-sized companies. These conditions are set out in:

  • IV. Licensing conditions for small companies
  • V. Licensing conditions for medium-sized companies