Student License

D-E-A-L is happy to offer favorable licensing terms and conditions to students.

You need to be a student. By this, we mean: registered at an institute of tertiary higher education for the academic year in which you acquire the (student) license of our product, service, font, or font software.

The use of D-E-A-L products, services, fonts, or font software under the Student license is limited to educational purposes. It is not allowed to be used for commercial purposes. The Student License is valid for the following period: the time that the licensee is registered as a student, plus one year following the date of graduation or disenrollment. On the first day of the month that follows the aforementioned date, the Trial License will cease to exist and will be automatically replaced by the conditions set out in the conditions for small company licensing. Illustration: if student X graduates on 15 January 2023, the Student License will be replaced by the licensing conditions for small companies on 1 February 2024. The student or licensee is responsible for ensuring the correct application of any and all applicable licensing conditions and for providing D-E-A-L with all necessary relevant information.

The application of the Student License invokes the following derogations from the EULA: see Annex II.